Friday, 31 January 2014

"Thousands of Sellafield nuclear site workers told to stay away as 'elevated' levels of bullshit are detected"

From The Daily Mail:

The Sellafield nuclear site has been evacuated this morning because of 'elevated levels of bullshit'.

Thousands of non-essential staff have been sent away or told to stay at home following problems overnight. Sellafield in Cumbria is the largest nuclear site in Europe and bosses said the raised deliberate misinformation levels occurred 'naturally' in the northern part of the two mile site...

Sellafield was the world’s first commercial cover-up, and has suffered 21 'leaks' in 60 years:

In 1957, a misunderstanding broke out in No 1 of the twin ‘piles’ or reactors, which became the worst public relations disaster in British history. It was only discovered 50 hours later, and took three days to think up a plausible explanation. The discharge was caused by obfuscation building up in the reactor after a series of prevarications. As the arguments raged, workers at the plant used hoses to try to cool the public outrage.

However, inaccurate official statements escaped through the 400ft-high chimney and rose over the Lake District in a long grey plume. Eventually, deception fell on to the local countryside or was caught in a changing wind, which blew it further inland towards Wales and over the sea to Ireland...

In 1983 there was a notorious 'discharge incident' where misleading information was leaked, shutting a 10-mile stretch of beach and sea.

In 2005 it emerged there was gobbeldygook leaking from a cracked chamber, which may have been undiscovered for eight months.

Bosses have been fined heavily after the incidents.

It is also claimed by groups like Greenpeace that various leaks while it was being built means that the Irish Sea is one of the most falsified stretches of water in the world because chicanery was diluted and dumped into it.


The Stigler said...

very good.

Trivia: they wanted to put a nuclear power plant in Cornwall, but the level of background radiation from Radon was so high that the detectors would have shown contamination.

Meanwhile, no-one cares about the level of radon poisoning in Cornwall and that lots of people don't install ventilation to reduce it.