Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"Scottish pubs urged to offer wine in thimbles"

From the BBC:

Scotland's bars and pubs are being urged to promote the sale of smaller measures of wine.

Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said thimble measures should be made more widely available.

The Scottish government and the drinks industry have joined together to promote a voluntary campaign for more responsible drinking.

Representatives of the drinks industry will later sheepishly admit that they signed up before they noticed the caveat "responsible" but that it got too embarrassing to back out.

Mr Matheson said tackling Scotland's difficult relationship with alcohol was one of the government's key priorities. He said that pubs and bars often only sold wine in medium (175ml) and large (250ml) measures instead of in much healthier 5 ml thimbles.

The Minister also recommended that beer be served out of 25 ml shot glasses and that spirits be served by pipette. He also suggested that stronger spirits could be served as a fine mist.


The Stigler said...

I'm pretty sure that most of the problems of irresponsible drinking in Scotland don't involve wine.