Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Lenny Henry honoured at Critics' Circle TV Advert Awards"

From the BBC:

Lenny Henry has been honoured by top TV critics for his small screen role in Premier Inn's classic British commercial 'A Great Night's Sleep Guaranteed'.

The comedian, a relative newcomer to voiceovers/cameo appearances, picked up the best 'reader of doggerel' prize at the Critics' Circle TV Awards for his "titanic performance" as anti-hero Bald Bloke With A Beard.

Henry told the BBC the filming had been "a massive emotional journey".

He said: "The day was like a therapy session, but with lots of laughter. And a nice cheque from my agent."

The slot won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 and is considered one of the great budget hotel advertisements of the 21st Century.

The character of Bald Guy With A Beard, who sits on a bed in a T-shirt, has been played by actors as diverse as John Travolta, Sean Connery and Ben Kinglsey.

"If I'd thought about that going in I wouldn't have left the house," joked Henry.

Like most of his jokes, nobody found it in the slightest bit funny, but his inane mugging clearly indicated that he thought it was.


The Stigler said...

That's funnier than a Lenny Henry comedy.

proglodyte said...

He peaked in Tiswas, probably the best ever Saturday morning show. Remember Spit the dog?

The Stigler said...


I think you may have nailed it. He was fine in Tiswas and Three of a Kind where he was part of a group and was basically a performer. Then he got control, and just isn't a good writer/producer.

He rode in with the alternative comedy, and to put it frankly, because he was the token black guy amongst a group of white, upper-middle class students, many of whom produced a few successes early on and then decades of turgid crap.

Pablo said...

Prg: Yeh, Spit woz greyat!

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, thanks, but that's not saying much!

Bayard said...

I thought he was good in "Chef".