Monday, 6 January 2014

Fun Online Polls: Food you can't stomach & Five-a-day

Pub Curmudgeon has written up the results to last week's Fun Online Poll here.

This week we're doing Five-a-day. Vote here or use the widget in the side bar.


Antisthenes said...

You may know this but I will tell you any way. The five a day was not thought up by health experts. It was in fact made a slogan by struggling Californian fruit and vegetable growers who were looking to improve sales.

Like many things that are peddled as fact are no such thing but turn out to be myth.

Another misconception was the Boston tea party was promoted by increased tax on tea when in fact it was because the tax was going to be lowered.

Physiocrat said...

If you are drinking four cans a day you should be brewing your own. Much nicer and you can make it at whatever strength you fancy.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anti, I'd forgotten that thing about five a day, ta for reminder. But I do know that "five" is a completely made up number.

The whole Boston Tea Party is one of those myths that has been re-written so often that it's more or less irrelevant as a point of reference for anything.

Ph, but you don't get the nice aluminiumy flavour, do you?