Friday, 17 January 2014

Even golf courses hate bankers

From The Daily Mail:

A claustrophobic mortgage banker has told the story of how a round of golf ended up with him plunging into a sinkhole that opened as he walked across the 14th hole...

The story has a very sad ending.

He survived to tell the tale with a broken shoulder rather than being sucked down into our planet's molten iron core.


DBC Reed said...

You have to be careful about this: the earth's inner core is solid ; the outer core is liquid.
On the geographical front: did you see on Newsnight that sunspot activity has diminished to practically nil, so solar flares are less frequent ? This is while some scientists are still banging on about an imminent Carrington event putting all electronic and magnetic systems out of action.
What do man-made global warming experts make of it all?

View from the Solent said...

Newsnight bullshit. See, e.g.,
( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
We're roughly at the middle of solar cycle 24, which is a quiet one but the count is nowhere near nil.
Also the sunspot count does not correlate with flare strength. So more bullshit.

Lola said...

It wasn't a sink hole. It was the cup. It's just that with the inflation caused by FRB the cup had got a bit bigger than expected...

DBC Reed said...

The graph you cite could n't be more different from the Newsnight account! There was reference to the Maunder Minimum in this. Very odd.Many thanks.

View from the Solent said...

Maunder is a different story. There are indications that a cold phase is starting. But I wouldn't rely on autocue readers to try and explain it.

DBC Reed said...

Don't think I gave a very accurate summary of the Newsnight story: I kept going to sleep.A full-ish account is given on Net : Rebecca Morelle Is our sun falling silent.Odd that : I did n't realise the sun had ever been particularly noisy.