Thursday, 19 December 2013

ResPublica on top form

John L draws my attention to this recent article:

... The current incarnation of the housing crisis has exposed our past failures to get it right and with an ever growing and ageing population, the next path that is taken must be one that not only meets our current shortage but will also provide homes for generations to come.

To achieve this, house builders and developers must have access to land. The introduction of land taxation will provide this and meet the long term problems of supply once and for all.


DBC Reed said...

I claim maximum bonus points for including an nasty attack on homeownerism in my letter to Guardian published today under title "Solutions old and new to the housing crisis."

Bayard said...

Also bonus points for calling it a crisis, not a shortage, which it isn't.

Derek said...

Yes, I saw that letter. Good one.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DBC, the net, back of, I have posted.

How many times have you snuck in "homeownerism" into reader's letters so far?

Robin Smith said...

We met with Mr Philip Blond in his offices 5 years ago to show him the remedy. Simple graphs and all. After a 45 mins conversation he said:

"What I do with these things is make a request for comments from my wider network. Once I hear back I'll call you".

Oh dear. We walked out knowing the answer already. I quizzed him at a few future public meetings but got the usual heretic blow off.

But I guess at least they are saying its about housing finally. The problem now is given house prices are growing fast, soon it will be all forgotten about again... till 2026, just like last time in 2008. Even the houseless will be more interested in getting on the ladder than complaining about not have a home in which to bring up a decent family.