Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fun Online Polls: Make up your own question & Food you can't eat

The results to the year's final Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Make up your own question

Nelson Mandela - 20%

Margaret Thatcher - 16%
Mel Smith - 11%
Hugo Chavez - 9%
Lou Reed - 9%
Paul Walker - 9%
Ronnie Biggs - 9%
J J Cale - 7%
David Frost - 5%
Peter O'Toole - 5%

The questions submitted were rather fewer than the number who took part:

Mel Smith - Which one had the strangest hair?

Graeme - Which one owned a train set?

Andrew Duffield - What does the 'r' stand for in the middle of Lou Reed's name?
[Simple answer: I made a typing mistake]

Bayard - Which of the above will you miss least?

PJH - Michael Winner not make the list?

Me: Who had the most column inches of both fact-free fawning gibberish and fact-free foaming invective written about her?

The first part of my question would have applied to most of them, it was the second part which was Thatcher-specific.

[If you ask me, Nelson Mandela is like Indiana Jones in the first film. He played little or no rĂ´le in anything - apartheid would have ended with or without him, and South Africa would have failed to live up to its potential with or without him, he was just a figurehead who appears to have been an all round likeable and decent bloke in his later years.]
The first Fun Online Poll for 2014 is a guest poll, set up by Pub Curmudgeon who sent me the html:

Are you unable to stomach eating some types of NORMAL food?

Vote here or use the widget in the sidebar.


The Stigler said...

Greater globalisation was going to hurt South Africa due to isolation - but I think he was important in forcing reform, because he had, by his sentence, and refusal to back down, become a legend.

If he'd have come out of prison, dead or alive, without reform, there's a good chance that would have kicked off a revolution. It would have been the tipping point.