Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mordor Crowned UK City of Fun


Mordor will be the next UK City of Fun - in 2017 - Culture Secretary Maria Miller announced today.

Mordor faced stiff competition from the other three shortlisted places, The Phantom Zone from Superman, Azkaban Prison from the Harry Potter Series and the post-apocalyptic wasteland from The Road, but was declared the winner on the advice of the independent expert advisory panel chaired by Phil Redmond.

The UK City of Fun first started in 2010 with the ice planet Hoth chosen as UK City of Fun for 2013, and is a hotly contested accolade that sees the winning city benefit from real economic benefits such as an increase in investment and a rise in visitor numbers.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Bloody good job too, The Phantom Zone is in the USA and Azkaban is somewhere in the North Sea (or poss. North Atlantic i.e. Rockall).