Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Christmas donation frenzy ruins lives, says Archbishop"

From The Evening Standard:

Families should not make their lives “miserable” at Christmas by trying to keep up with “ridiculous” and “absurd” pressures to give money to the Church and other "good causes", the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

The Most Rev Justin Welby admitted that although it was a “cliché of modern life” to complain about religion and one-upmanship at Christmas, he said families should show “love and affection” towards each other rather than trying to buy a place in Heaven or the grudging respect of their peers by buying a goat in Africa or sponsoring the rain forest

In an interview with The Martin Lewis Money Show, to be broadcast tomorrow night on ITV, he said: “The secular over-the-topness, everything you have to have, new clothes you have to have, new this, new that, new the other, that's what makes the economy tick.

"And without a functioning economy, there can be no surplus for good causes and there would be fewer retailers paying rent to The Church Commissioners.

“When you’ve given all your money to charity and try to explain to your children that one day they'll understand why they got no Christmas presents this year, you argue. It spoils life.

"To a child of twelve, an X-Box or a Nintendo 3DS says so much more.”


Bayard said...

Have to say that I agree with the Archbish on this one. There was a programme on Radio 4 recently and some "charity" gravy train passenger was going on about how poor people were going to be maxing out their credit cards again this year and how all this debt was bad etc etc. (Plus a plug for her "charity", natch). However what cheered me up is that then the Beeb sent a reporter to some shopping centre in Essex and everyone he spoke to was only buying from what they earned, none of them were bashing the plastic.
So either the Archbish's message has got through in record time or people aren't as stupid as the great and good think they are, at least not in Essex. It's enough to make George Osborne despair.