Monday, 18 November 2013

"Australia ban nine players for not drinking before Ireland game"

From the BBC:

Australia have suspended nine players for one match for not drinking in midweek before Saturday's win over Ireland.

Wallabies coach Ewan McKenzie acted after "a group of players made the decision to go to bed early instead of consuming inappropriate levels of alcohol".

He said Australia's "manly conduct" standards had been compromised.

A further six players were given a verbal warning for downing a few swift pints and being back at the hotel before midnight.

UPDATE: Newsthump did much the same article the next day


The Stigler said...

One of the downsides of sports becoming very professional (rather than the old professional where people made a good living but didn't get rich).

You can't really knock people chasing the money, but for those of us who enjoyed sports being full of characters having a good time rather than people who are basically trained animals, it's kinda boring.