Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hugo Chavez's face appears in subway tunnel!

Sticking with the Sesame Street theme;

In news that will have every suburban, sofa socialist mumbling briefly with whatever passes for glee in their #grimdark world, and simultaneously sending the wannabe Aristo, office junior, conservatives of the world running to to spaff hot faux rage into the interwebs; 
President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday the workers in a subway tunnel saw the image of Hugo Chavez come and go, and he showed a photo of the alleged visage in a rally in Caracas.

"Look at the figure, a face. This picture was taken by the workers," he said, smiling. "Chavez is everywhere."

Maduro, was handpicked by the ailing Chavez to run for president upon his death, said during the election campaign in April that he had seen the populist leader incarnated as "a little bird."

So, should you be digging the garden this week or hanging around the UN you might be lucky enough to suffer a spectral visitation from the cheeky human rights abusing scamp Hugey Chavez.


Ian Hills said...

I just did number twos and it looked just like Chavez.