Monday, 14 October 2013

"Heizen oder essen?"

From Bild Zeitung:

War widow Brigitte Haselbach is one of millions of elderly Germans who will have to choose between heating and eating this winter as greedy energy companies hike their prices.

Brigitte, 83, was 15 when World War II ended. She later married Gerhard, who had defended his country against the Russian Communists during World War II and went on to defend East Germany against American imperialists as an officer in the NVA.

The native Berliner has seen her gas and electricity prices soar by €350 - nearly a quarter - over the last year.


Lola said...

'kin' 'ell. As ever it is 'greedy energy companies. And whilst that may be part of the problem, the biggest contributions to rises in energy prices are taxes and currency failure...sigh.

The Stigler said...

how can she be an 83 year old war widow? War ended 68 years ago, which would mean that she was 15 or under when she married her husband.

Anonymous said...

L, exactly.

TS, that's what I thought.

TheFatBigot said...

Which war? There have been a few since 1945, the most significant of which was in 1966 and waged exclusively in England.

My suspicion is that her husband keeled over when Geoff Hurst hit his hat-trick. She would have been 35 then, far too old for a German woman to find a new husband because her moustache would be fully formed at that age.