Monday, 23 September 2013

Fun Online Polls: The BBC & Help To Buy Sell

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll, as suggested by Ralph Musgrave, were as follows:

What do you appreciate most about the BBC? Multiple selections allowed

Dragging climate change into every issue - 65 votes
Air time given to Islamo-thugs - 58 votes
Bankster remuneration for pseudo leftie staff - 54 votes
The “house price increases” are good message - 38 votes
Promotion of paedophilia - 35 votes
All is forgiven. I love the BBC - 11 votes
Other. Please specify - 16 votes

101 voters

So now we know.
According to politicians, UK house prices - i.e. UK house prices in the South East, which is all they care about or are even aware of - are not in bubble territory and so the Help To Buy Sell subsidy is not doing any harm.

Surely - and unless I am very much mistaken - if houses were easily affordable for the sensible purchaser, then there would be no excuse for such a subsidy?

Surely, the very existence of the subsidy - or the fact that somebody would seriously have the nerve to even suggest it - is proof that houses are unaffordable?

But maybe I've missed something.

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