Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"Police confirm mortar find in County Armagh"

From the BBC:

Police have found what they have described as a "mortar type mixture" in County Armagh.

It was discovered at a builder's yard near the village of Cullyhanna, during a major search for building materials which began on Tuesday.

Architectural officers are continuing to examine the mixture of sand, binder and water to check whether it is still fresh enough to use, a PSNI spokesman said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Sinn FĂ©in's Colman Burns said police had told local bricklayers that they had found a mixture they believed may be viable for binding bricks or construction blocks together and filling the gaps between them.

Houses on the Sheetrim Road, outside Cullyhanna, were repointed overnight.


Bayard said...

Unless it's lime mortar, it will have gone off by now.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, obviously, so to go on the safe side in case it was with cement as a binder, they used it for repointing houses in Sheetrim Road, outside Cullyhanna.

You have to read the article to the end!

Bayard said...

Yeah, these Northern Irish mortars tend to go off very quickly. The one outside Downing Street went off after only a few minutes. The guys on site had only just got out of the van.