Friday, 12 July 2013

"Dog walker critically ill after angry cow SAT on top of her"

Emailed in by JuliaM, from The Soaraway Sun:

A DOG walker was in a critical condition today after she was barged by a stampeding cow — which then SAT on top of her.

Terrified Emma Moody was crossing a field when her dog disturbed a herd and their young calves. One of the cows charged at her and she ran but tripped and fell into its path in St Martin, Cornwall. The cow then trampled and then rolled on her — breaking most of her ribs and leaving her with severe chest injuries.

A Navy search and rescue helicopter from nearby RNAS Culdrose was dispatched to the farm where crews found her lying badly hurt in a meadow...

Cows with young calves? Check.

Walker with dog? Check.

That's all you need to more or less guarantee a cow attack.


Unknown said...

It sounds like you have to add another Darwin factor - dog not on a lead. Stupid woman!

Mark Wadsworth said...

MC, the article says it WAS on a lead. It's probably best to keep a good distance from the dog.

JuliaM said...

Cheers for link.

Note the call for legislation, despite admitting that her daughter was aware of the danger. So...why not walk the dog somewhere else?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM, ah yes, the call for legislation, the justification being that there is a "public right of way" over that field.

There is also "a public right of way" along each and every pavement, along many cliff tops or river banks.

That doesn't mean there is no risk of being run over, falling to your death or drowning if you step on the wrong side of the line.

SteveA said...

While in Brazil

James Higham said...

Do you think the cows are organizing themselves? Sort of a day of the triffids type thing, only more bovine?