Sunday, 26 February 2012

I've mucked about with my 'blog lists a bit, if I've missed anybody off, please advise.

What a kerfuffle. My main 'blog roll worked fine, but the system appears to have collapsed under its own weight (there were 163 'blogs on it), so while it worked fine on a day-to-day basis (new posts would jump to the top), I could no longer add or delete 'blogs.

So I had to start again from scratch with two new ones (a main one and one for dormant/occasional 'blogs). What was really annoying is that you (i.e. I) could only add one 'blog at a time and then I had to save it, wait for my 'blog to refresh etc before adding the next - in days of yore, you (i.e. I) could open the widget for a 'blog list and add several at once, by cutting and pasting them from my 'blog (open in a separate window).

Several hours later, we are where we are. If I've not added anybody I should have, please leave a comment and I will update as appropriate.


JuliaM said...

Excellent new blog title image.. ;)

Steven_L said...

Looks like I better think of something to post before I get relegated!

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM, thanks, somebody did that for me. I just requested the cow's head.

SL, tough call. If you are in the 'occasional' list, you only need to post once a month to stay visible at the top; if you're in the main 'blog list you have to post a few times a day. So I'd actually be doing you a favour by relegating you.