Monday, 20 February 2012

Fun Online Polls: Deportation, extradition & Haye v Chisora

The results of last week's Trial By Internet are as follows, with 129 people voting:

Whom would you (have) deport(ed) or extradite(d)?

Abu Hamza - 116 votes
Abu Qatada - 107 votes

The NatWest Three - 25 votes
Gary McKinnon - 21 votes
Christopher Tappin - 17 votes
Richard O'Dwyer - 12 votes

So on a simple majority basis, it's "on your bike" to the two Mad Mullahs and the others can heave a sigh of relief. All charges dropped, convictions expunged, all forgiven and forgotten, but let that be a warning and please don't do it again (whatever it was you did).
I don't know much about the scoring system in boxing matches, so I'm not sure who won the splendid impromptu punch-up between David Haye and Dereck Chisora, starting at about 2 minutes in: So I shall throw it open to the floor for this week's Fun Online Poll.

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Anonymous said...

He's Haye, not Hayes.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TFB, oops, I have amended (I can't change the 'results' page though).

chefdave said...

I voted Haye but Chisora gave a superb performance on Saturday night against Vitali the world champ (who's never been on the canvas in 40 odd fights), Haye showed up running his mouth off and unfortunately Chisora took the bait.

If they repeal their licences it'll kill the heavyweight division for a good few years. Despite how everyone's saying this is a 'disgrace' it's actually ignited a lot of interest in British boxing, who'd heard of Chisora before this? Not many I suspect.

Mark Wadsworth said...

CD, it reminds me of the scene in The War Game: "Gentlemen! Stop fighting! This is the War Room!@