Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Bull kills farm worker"

The cattle are getting really vicious over in Cyprus:

A 23-YEAR-OLD worker was killed this morning after he was attacked by a bull at a cattle farm in Troulli village in Larnaca.

The Vietnamese man, who was employed at the farm, was kneeling facing a water fountain at a fenced off area for bulls and cows at around 9am. The 23-year-old had his back to the bull when it attacked him, goring him multiple times before other workers managed to tie the animal down. It is not known why the bull attacked.

District labour inspector Giorgos Ioannou said the 23-year-old died instantly; he was unconscious when he was taken to Larnaca General Hospital where doctors confirmed his death. A post mortem is scheduled for today.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Bearing in mind that even now there is still no love lost twixt Greek and Turk, perhaps the bull mistook the nationality of the poor worker and thought he was having a go 'Ataturk'?

Afterthought: I've waited yonks for the opportunity to accuse you of talking bull......