Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tee hee!

Unabashed feminist and pornographer Rowan Pelling in The Telegraph:

[Jacqui] Smith’s disingenuousness continued yesterday with her declaration that she decided to make a documentary on pornography because most people, herself included, “don’t know very much about it” – which leaves you mystified, given that she [used to be Home Secretary and thus] was the person who was meant to legislate for its control.


James Higham said...

Well at least she's now a laughing stock, whereas before she was just plain destructive.

Scott Wright said...

Who "doesn't know much about it?"

What young male aged above 12 hasn't seen porn before?

What wife/girlfriend genuinely believes their husband/boyfriend does not watch porn no matter how discrete they are about it?

The majority of people know enough about pornography, the majority of sensible people are also capable of making the link between the safety of the girls involved compared to street prostitution.

neil craig said...

So thats why the BBC won't hire me to make a documentary on "global warming", dissections in Kosovo, getting out of recession, space industrialisation etc etc.

I can't claim complete ignorance of the subject. OK perhaps being a failed MP of an approved party might help too.

NickM said...

A hit a palpable hit!

Spot on Ms Pelling!