Monday, 21 February 2011

Fun Online Polls: St Valentine's Day spending & Land ownership

Thanks to everybody who took part in last week's Fun Online Poll, results as follows:

How much did you spend on St Valentine's Day-related stuff this year?

Nothing - 67%

Up to £10 - 16%
£10 to £50 - 12%
More than £50 - 3%
OMG I forgot! So that's why my other half is sulking! - 1%
Other, please specify - 1%

I'm glad to see that only two of us forgot outright, and I am surprised that two-thirds of people get away with spending nothing (I'm in the "£10 to £50" bracket). Or maybe a lot of female readers took part, they can of course reliably getting away with spending nothing, and I doubt that most blokes would notice or even mind.
M'learned colleague at work suggested I do a poll on which Middle Eastern despot will be deposed next, but that's going to end up too complicated, and AFAICS, all they do is hand over to another slightly-less-bad despot.

So this week's Fun Online Poll is just to see how many people have put any thought into the subject of what 'land ownership' really is and/or have been paying attention to my ramblings.

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banned said...

Voted for the winners, for once.

The Stigler said...

The thing is that valentines used to be an event to try and woo someone you'd had your eye on. You hadn't copped off at the Xmas party, so here was your next opportunity.

Marketing men have twisted it to convince all men that you have to buy your wife/live-in girlfriend overpriced flowers, dinner or whatever else as some sort of ridiculous ritual.

And never go to a restaurant on valentine's. They're full of couples on first dates which often aren't working out too well.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, well done.

JT: "They're full of couples on first dates which often aren't working out too well."

That'll be couples on their last dates, then?

dearieme said...

My beloved would feel insulted if I bought her something at the behest of some slimy marketing git. I'm sure of it. Absolutely. Utterly confident.