Monday 16 August 2010

Can anybody spot the empty crisp packets?

From The Metro:

It seems collecting empty crisp packets is quite a popular hobby. Last week Metro reported on Dave Valentine’s impressive 500-pack archive – but this obviously opened a can (well, a packet) of worms. Hannah Conduct has come forward to reveal a whopping 9,000 empty bags in her collection, which she has gathered over the past 30 years...


Electro-Kevin said...

Ding dong !

Bill Quango MP said...

There is a cafe in Wembley which is like a shrine to Queen. The owner models himself on Freddie Mercury and there is Queen memorabilia everywhere. The owner is an avid collector. {I thought he may have shot Jill Dando originally, from the killer's description }

I remarked to a colleague that it must be quite entertaining to have such a passionate obsession.

How so?

Well, all that ebaying, and boot saleing and searching for rare and collectibles. Must give a focus. I mean, I don't have anything that I could say I must have, or really really want.Nothing obsessive that consumes. Just thought it might give ylife purpose, instead of just watching TV?

Hmm.. thought my colleague. I suppose, but only very, very marginally.

Mark Wadsworth said...

SS, this is a polite blog, so I'll ignore the second half of your comment.

E-K, do they really make that noise? I'd have thought "rustle, rustle' or 'thwack, thwack', depending which bit of the picture you are looking at.

BQ, the beauty of collecting crisp packets is, they cost very little and the filling are very tasty. The hobby costs you nothing except a bit of storage space, and presumably some cunning filing/reference system.

JuliaM said...

"Well, all that ebaying, and boot saleing and searching for rare and collectibles. Must give a focus."

I can confirm that having a goal in mind certainly helps with boot sales, to combat the fatigue induced through viewing the 3000th foot spa or novelty fondue kit...