Friday, 21 May 2010

Twenty Stone of Righteousness


Chuckles said...

MOre like 'Leftishness'?

James Higham said...


Nick Drew said...

... but nice

v.good Mark

(wv = blubba)

Lola said...

Dianne Abbot. Hypocritical smug gittery at its worst.

I immediately dismissed her as suitable MP material on hearing her talk about her Civil Service interview when she got the job because she said that the one thing that made her want to join the CS was that it gave her power. Such an answer automatically excludes her from any post in public service under the Spike Milligan Hand Gun law principle.

I have known well 2 very senior CS of the old school. My father in law and my best man's dad. Both now dead. Both of them would have been horrified to hear a civil servant make that statement.