Saturday, 13 June 2009

Strategic Partnerships

Via WFW, who tipped me off to this at Anna Raccoon's, here's the list of 'Strategic Partnerships' from page 10 of the 2008 accounts of The Family & Parenting Institute, registered charity number 1077444.

Can anybody spot a single name there that doesn't itself scream "Government Department" or "FakeCharity"? (click to enlarge):

For avoidance of doubt, of their total income of £17,769,048 (profit and loss account, page 14), £7,767,051 came directly from 'The Department of Children, Schools and Families' (notes 2 and 3, page 18) and £8,043,008 from The Parenting Fund, whose website cheerfully admits that "The Parenting Fund is managed on behalf of DCSF [Department for Children, Schools and Families] by the Family and Parenting Institute".

It gets worse of course. We all knew that Labour would do a scorched earth policy before handing over the keys to the Tories, but they've pre-financed this particular bunch to continue the fight from behind enemy lines: of all that lovely taxpayers' money rolling in, they've tucked away £7,480,898 at the bank (balance sheet, page 15 of the accounts) to keep them going for a couple of years after Blulabour has taken over.

On a personal and entirely vindictive note, one of their trustees (see accounts page 2) is Chris Pond, of One parent families GINGERBREAD (FakeCharity number 230750) who replied to an email I sent him with this: "Thanks for sending the articles, which I look forward to reading. We'll be in touch once we've had a chance to look at them." That was over two years ago, and I'm still waiting.


Bearly Concious said...

I thought you had got your decimal points mixed up here until I checked the source docs....£7m cash sitting on the balance sheet FFS!

Absolutely unbelievable....can you think of any other non govt org which would have that much cash just sitting there waiting....

Does no one audit these bastards?

Mark Wadsworth said...

BC, as it happens, Kingston Smith audit these bastards, the same firm which appears to audit so many other FakeCharities.

(while researching all these posts, I've noticed that the name Kingston Smith crops up again and again)

Tim Almond said...

Cameron's also quite keen on the charity sector. I don't see any reduction in fakecharity activity.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Companies House don't have much on Kingston Smith

Mark Wadsworth said...

AC1, they should do, because KS are now an LLP. But their accounts still wouldn't say who all their customers are (client confidentiality and so on).