Saturday, 11 April 2009

This week's FakeCharity round-up

Two government funded propaganda bodies have this week called for the government to do what it was going to do anyway:
From The Metro:

Calculations from the New Economics Foundation (NEF) revealed that because of rising consumption of products such as food and energy from abroad, we start "living off" the rest of the world just a third of the way through the year. And because our total consumption is growing and putting increased pressure on ecosystems, the day the UK effectively starts living outside its means is creeping earlier each year... "Uncontrolled growth of financial debt is currently laying waste to large parts of the global economy. An explosion of ecological debt looks set to do the same to a biosphere friendly to human civilisation."

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokeswoman said: "The reality is we live in a globally interconnected world. As a planet, we must live within our environmental means and it's wrong to look at the UK in isolation... We're leading the way in committing to reduce our carbon dependency by 80%, but what's important is to get all countries committed to change in parallel. This is why we're looking for a global deal in Copenhagen this December."

Please note - The New Economics Foundation receives about £3 million a year from "trusts and foundations, local, regional and national government and through consultancy contracts" (per page 31 to the 2007 accounts) which is about ninety per cent of their total income (see page 35).
From (itself a propaganda website!)

The Government should channel £30 billion a year of investment into low carbon measures to create a green New Deal, its sustainability watchdog urged today. The Sustainable Development Commission said half of the UK's stimulus package, which should total 4% of GDP, should go on boosting renewable energy and green transport, redesigning the national grid and making homes more energy efficient. Outlining its recommendations for a sustainable stimulus package in the Budget, the SDC also called for low-carbon investments in the public sector and funding to improve green skills...

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change acknowledged there was an urgent need for action, as well as "real opportunities" in the low-carbon sector. The spokesman said Government policies were driving £50 billion of investment in the sector between 2008 and 2011, including £5.8 billion in renewables, £10 billion in energy efficiency programmes, £7.6 billion in the grid and £23 billion on public transport and low carbon vehicles... "We agree more needs to be done and we will be outlining further plans in these areas in the summer when will announce how we intend to meet our carbon budget commitments."

Please note - The Sustainable Development Commission is a straight quango (not true fakecharity), which was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, number 6798740 on 22 January 2009, so it will be at least a year before we can find out how much taxpayers' money is wasted on them.


Ian B said...

We're going to have to kill these people, aren't we?

banned said...

Another load of wasters to sack on day 1.
Dave really does not need to look very far to see where to save the money needed to cut taxes while maintaining essential services, does he ?

Liberal Polemic said...

Either banned or compulsory,

Are you kidding? As soon as Dave becomes the propaganda-master he will spend at least as much, though maybe by funding Policy Exchange instead of NEF.


Probably not. Just cut off their funding. It'll hurt more!