Friday, 11 July 2008

Politically Correct madness of the week

Wanted: blind air traffic controller.

Department of Transport launch additional consultation on third runway at Heathrow because "We also want to be sure, given the socio-demographic mix in the Heathrow area, that we fully understand how airport development might affect different groups in terms of race, disability, age or gender". (via Ian_QT)

National Children's Bureau: "Toddlers who say 'yuk' to spicy food are potentially racist". (via Ross and Snafu)

Mother required to undergo Criminal Records Bureau vetting in order to be able to accompany her disabled son to school. (via HH)


Anonymous said...

I once heard Steve Coogan remark that he thought the best comedy, the kind of comedy that really interested him, was the kind where you didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The UK has it mastered.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're tring to tempt Gordon out of No. 10?

Mark Wadsworth said...

... or David Blunkett out of retirement?