Thursday, 28 February 2008

"Taxi driver fined £715 for smoking"

In this morning's Metro (article not available online);

"A taxi driver has been handed a £715 fine ... for smoking in his cab. Alan Cross was penalised after council officials saw him lighting up in a place of work. The cabbie was found guilty after failing to appear in court, fined £300 and told to pay costs of £400 plus a £15 victim surcharge. But Mr Cross ... claimed he was not told of the case 'I'm stunned and angry' he added. Thurrock councillor Ben Maney said 'The council takes the protection of residents very seriously'."

There's not much you can add to that ...


Gregg said...

That happened in Rochdale just after the fascistic ban was introduced, and it was a member of the council staff who passed an off duty cabbie smoking and reported him. Bear in mind it was also Rochdale where, a few years ago, the council tried to ban cabbies from displaying the Union Jack because it was 'racist'. There happens to be a very strong Lib-Dem presence in Rochdale.

Simon Fawthrop said...

"plus a £15 victim surcharge."

WTF is this all about? The only victim here appears to be the taxi driver.