Friday, 7 December 2007

Dave don't got no clue (2)

According to today's Metro (article not available online), Dave The Chameleon has surpassed himself in the f***wittery stakes:

"All homes should have meters which measure how much electricity they are using, he said. Similar systems worked well in countries such as Germany and Holland, the Tory leader added"

Jumping H F***! Doesn't he know that we already have electricity meters?! And he wants to be Prime Minister?


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Shows he has never read his own one

Jock Coats said...

Presumably he has a man who deals with this sort of thing at home. George I believe he's called!

Simon Fawthrop said...


Longrider said...

Words fail me. Maybe he should take up a career in plumbing...

Neil Harding said...

To be fair to Cameron, I imagine the Metro have misquoted him somehow. Cameron must have been making the point about micro generation and meters going backwards if you put in to the grid, surely?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Neil, you are half-right, the full text (via Christina Speight) was as follows:
"To make a system of feed-in tariffs work properly and smoothly so that a mass market in micro-generation rapidly develops, we need to use new smart-meter
technology. These meters enable the householder, community group or
business that installs micro-generation to measure both how much electricity their generator produces and how much electricity is used on the premises.

They also enable this information to be transmitted electronically to the electricity supplier. The technology is available and the industry is ready to begin installation.
Smart-meters are currently in operation in Sweden, Italy, Australia, the USA and Canada. Italy has almost completed a programme to convert 30 million homes to smart-meters; Sweden has plans to introduce 5.2 million by 2009; and 5 million homes in Ontario are to be provided with smart-meters by 2010.
Comprehensive smart-metering programmes have multiple advantages.
They cover both electricity and gas (and can also cover water use). And they
offer accurate real-time information on the amount of gas, electricity (and
water) being used by any given household, allowing accurate billing.
However, there is no reason why electricity meters can't run backwards if the household is generating power. These people who spend tens of thousands on a windmill will soon see that their leccy bills go down by about £50 a year and will realise that they are a waste of money.

Roger Thornhill said...

I think this is refering to some gizmo in plain view (not under t'stairs) showing consumption.

Soon it will be flagged as part of the HIP.

Next, a legal requirement in all new builds.

Next, a requirement for all Sparks to install when upgrading the consumer unit.

Next, illegal to sell a house without one (I see the HIP becoming the HOME INTERCHANGE PERMIT)

Once these Fenceposts are in place, we will see the unit enhanced into a telescreen from Oceania.