Saturday, 15 December 2007

Bansturbation gone mad

There was some wanker from Greenpeace in the studio on BBC News 24 yesterday evening being interviewed about all this Bali bollocks, who said (basically), "If the USA refuse to cut emissions then we should refuse to trade with them".

You could see the bastard's eyes gleaming and he was wriggling in his chair in barely controlled excitement at the thought of triggering a global depression and trade war on the basis of no evidence whatsoever.


Scott Freeman said...


"If you don't stop making us poorer*, we're going to make ourselves even poorer!"

*Assuming detrimental man made global climate change is a reality.

Simon Fawthrop said...

You would think that it was the whole world against the USA, until you read this quote:

One-hundred-and-ninety countries are represented here. Thirty-eight of them agreed to take on national binding targets today, we've just got to work on some of the other 150.

Furthermore, how many countries, esp EU, have met their Kyoto climate change target? Yet they still find time to lambast the USA, which would has reduced more than them!

Mind you, its probably all moot as one day the penny will drop and they'll realise carbon isn't the devil incarnate and find something else to scare to scare us to death with.