Wednesday, 14 November 2007

1984(8): Climate of fear

"A Party member ... is supposed to live in a continuous frenzy of hatred over foreign enemies and internal traitors, triumph over victories and self-abasement before the power and wisdom of the Party"

Fast forward to the transcript of Tony Blair's interview with Andrew Marr of September 2006.

" ... the absolute essence of the moment, believe me, after the last few weeks, is go back to the public ... and talk to the public about the issues that worry them. I mean we will have a debate, for example, on immigration and law and order, this week. I think probably for the people out there these issues to do with migration, terrorism, law and order, are probably the single source of insecurity out there they worry about most. They will be the centrepiece of the Queen's speech later in the year. It's essential we go back and talk about these things".

Please note that the elected PM was not saying "do" anything about things that make them feel insecure, he was quite clearly saying "talk about" those things, i.e. whip up their fears a bit, make them feel even more insecure, but for Heaven's sake, don't "do" anything.

If anything, it is Nulab who are allowing unlimited mass immigration; who are releasing violent criminals to offend again, because they, er, forgot to build any prison places; and who are stoking terrorism by a combination of 'War on terror' coupled with State funding for Islamist organisations. So they are making things worse while at the same time presenting themselves as a Government that has either the skills or the will to do anything about it.

Oh yeah, and whip up hysteria about non-existent climate change and fatal bird 'flu while you're at it, you bastards.


Roger Thornhill said...

Yup, all the time we get their need to show instead of do. All presentation, heat and no light etc.

These people are the worst kind of oleaginous kiss-butts you get in large corporations - the ones who waste everybody's time and deliver little beyond their own promotion.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's far worse than that. They are in a win-win situation. The worse they fuck up things for us, the better things are for them.

Fuck up economy? No problem, increase taxes and set up all manner of welfare schemes (individual and corporate).

Fuck up immigration? No problem, make this an excuse for ID cards and quangoes like Equal Rights Commission.

Fuck up education? No problem, that gives the children of Labour MP's an even bigger relative advantage.

Fuck up crime? No problem, that's an excuse to get more police officers on the public payroll, the fact that they do fuck all is not Nulab's problem, it's ours.

And so on, do you get my drift?