Monday, 3 September 2007

Traffic lights (1)

They introduced a bizarre 'traffic-calming' system on Leytonstone High Road (near where I live) several years ago, whereby southbound traffic had to wait at the lights for the northbound traffic to be stopped, so that the southbound traffic could turn right, be led down some back streets, to reappear a few hundred yards later, where it had to wait (yet again) for the northbound traffic to be stopped so that it could turn right again and continue its way south.

With me so far?

Anyway, they are replacing some gas pipes at the southern set of traffic lights, so southbound traffic just makes its own way back onto the High Road down what is normally a residential street.

The result? The southbound traffic flows much more smoothly and it is no more difficult to cross the flow on foot, because cars arrive at fairly regular intervals, rather than racing down the hill in packs trying to beat the southern set of lights.


Martin Cassini said...

Elementary, my dear Wadsworth. Everyone knows traffic lights are a waste of space and time, except of course, the morons who install them.

Martin (Cassini)