Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Trade Union pornography

From today's FT.

"Tom Lannon, Ucatt convenor on a central London building site [said] 'The prime minister's commitment to provide more apprenticeship places and increased training was particularly pleasing. It was also good to be reminded about how much life was worse under the Tories. But the response on public sector pay was disappointing.'"

Let's look at those three short sentences, shall we?

1. There is f*** all the Goblin King can do about apprenticeship places, this is largely up to the private sector, unless he's thinking about apprenticeships as a 5-a-day-advisors.

2. "It was good to be reminded about ... the Tories", that was TEN YEARS AGO. Get over it, you twat, wake up and smell the coffee. History has been rewritten so many times, it does not matter what a Conservative PM may or may not have done ten or twenty years ago, or whose fault the 'decline of British manufacturing' was*.

3. "But the response on public sector pay was disappointing". Look, the Goblin King is paying public sector workers about TWICE as much as ten years ago, there are 8 million instead of 6 million, and those 8 million are paid about 50% more than ten years ago (their pay has risen on the whole 4% faster than elsewhere, say).

They can f*** off and get jobs in the private sector, the sponging whining gits**! Oh no, not gonna do that are they? Because pay, perks and pensions in the private sector (esp. for low-skilled jobs, like being a climate-change-officer) are LOWER than in the public sector (for the first time in decades, possibly first time ever).

*Actually, it's not so much a decline in manufacturing, it's a decline in EMPLOYMENT in manufacturing, these factories are so automated and so efficient, they hardly need people any more. So there!

**Tom works on a building site, so this does not necessarily apply to him.