Sunday, 9 September 2007

Pommygranate and Praguetory. And Chad.

These chaps had blogs that I liked, and to which many others still link to them in their blogroll.

But they have all shut down. Pommy's farewell message is here, and PragueT's is here.

They cite 'pressures of work' and so on. Seeing as they used pseudonyms, is this code for 'My boss caught me at it'? Aristeides The Just, who spent a whole WEEK solid on ConservativeHome, you're next!

No idea what happened to Chad, his ukiphome site was shut down permanently, it seems. Dunno why, he seemed sensible enough to me. And his follow up site that used Aldous Huxley's fictitious 'Clockwork Orange' language.

I, being a total nutter, refuse to blog or post under anything other than my actual real name. No doubt, I'll get a more pressured job one day, or worse, my boss will call me in to his office for a brief chat...


pommygranate said...

Mark - not caught! just in need of re-charging the batteries.

However, have been promoting the cause of free trade and small govt at the apec meeting. see here.

Scott Freeman said...

I too worry about using my real name for blogging (I've only recently made the change) but it'll be a while before I find employment worthy of being digitally checked up on, and long before anybody reads my blog!