Wednesday, 19 September 2007

"Police chief fears migrant impact"

Stable doors*. Horses. Bolts.

*Stable doors via Woman On A Raft.


Anonymous said...

I apparently lived on top of THREE brothels which were not even offering work to our local ladies of negotiable affection. I had not the faintest suspicion.

The Cambridgeshire police managed to break in to three private prisons where girls from all over the place were being held and abused, in houses which sat in unobtrusive residential areas.

The police said the key to the criminal's success was that they did nothing to alert the neighbours to what was going on, and kept the girls locked up so they couldn't tell anyone.

As far as any average person was concerned, these were just houses used by migrant labourers. Lots of johnny foreigner going and, er, coming, so what? Although there are many more of them just now, Cambridgeshire is a county which is used to that.

Wisbech, for example, was/is a port and people were used to an international population. The county has Cambridge in the middle, which can hardly be accused of being insular.

Now, if you want civil unrest, mention the word 'travellers' near Cottenham and prepare to duck under the table.


In the following account from the CEN, the mayor shows a great delicacy of feeling which can only come from having an exceptionally sheltered upbringing and a white stick.

"Coun Bailey said: "I am surprised to hear there is one brothel in Cambridge, never mind 100 across the county - I am truly shocked."

She's right in a way. I'd be surprised to hear there was one brothel in Cambridge.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

I remember going in 2001 for a back massage at the local sauna massage parlour and being offered "extras" at that place by the Bulgarian . I mumbled no need and had my massage and thought oh dear this is a brothel....

CatWoman said...

I bet if they do some further inspection that there are lots of families in Europe looking for many of those long gone missing little ladies.
Lots of human trafficing problems in eastern Europe. But we have the same shit here too. Mostly Mexican.
It's a horror the lies these people are told.