Saturday, 15 September 2007

Passion flower - weird or what?

Look at the thing - it's like from another planet.

The first layer is nine big green/white petals.
Then a small yellow circle with a ring of spikes that start purple, go white in the middle and are then blue-ish at the end.
Then a 3-D target on the yellow circle made up of a dotted black line and some pink/black spikes that point inwards.
Then a little green stick in the middle with five yellow things hanging downwards.
Then a little green ball on top of that.
And finally three droopy purple things on that look like antennae.

I plucked one of the flowers (it grows along my neighbour's side of the fence) and took it with me when I dropped the lad off at school, and the other parents agreed is was pretty weird.


Unknown said...

Why is it called Passion Flower? and go down to "The name".

CatWoman said...

You're right. I think I saw something like this on Star Trek. LOL It looks alien.

Penny Pincher said...

I assume from this post you are not a gardener then??

Mark Wadsworth said...

I just mow the lawn and stuff. Evergreen shrubs are my thing. Dig hole. Plant shrub. Chop off occasional brown leaf.

Penny Pincher said...

Actually you could save some more time for blogging by planting Astroturf - you only need to hose it down once every few years. Just cut a few holes for your favourite shrubs