Tuesday, 18 September 2007

One more reason to hate Dave

Dave is reported as saying that "Action to reduce the pay gap between men and women is a 'vital part' of this family agenda" in today's FT.

Dave, you complete idiot, a few facts of life:
1. The last thing businesses need is more 'action' i.e. regulation and inspection.
2. This equal pay stuff is more of less unenforceable.
3. The main driver for lower pay for women is because they take a few years off to have children. Women who never have children earn roughly the same as men.
4. This could be sorted out very easily by increasing child benefit (non-contributory, non-taxable, non-means tested) to £30 or £40 per child per week (and scrapping all the tax credit nonsense), payable directly to the mother* which would make a mother's net disposable income much the same as a man's.
5. Finally, and this is the killer logic that the Oxford-educated twat overlooks, if you forcibly increase women's pay, you'd have to drive men's down. So my wife would win and I would lose. But as we basically share all income and expenses, it'd make bugger all difference to us (as a married couple). The people who would benefit most would be working unmarried mothers. So actually this equal-pay doolally discourages marriage/cohabitation**. And I thought the Tories were 'pro-marriage'? At least they should be.

Dave, I am starting to really despise you for the vacuous knob that you are!

*Which all ties in neatly with the Citizen's Income approach to welfare reform.

** An even more hard-hearted argument is that if women earn a lot less than men, they are less likely to want to be single mothers, but a married woman is more likely to have children, because the fall in household income is not so big. But let's not go there.


The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

MW - right on the button (as usual)!

And the Cameroons wonder why the Conservatives are lagging in the polls. I'm waiting for Dave to join Mercer and Bercow in the great tent erected by Brown. He's already there in spirit.

BTW why is Bercow still allowed to take the Conservative whip? Since he got mixed up with and later married his very own Labour muse he's done everything the Labour voters of Buckingham could wish for except actually cross the floor. Who would have guessed that Buckingham is one of the safest Conservative seats in the country?

Penny Pincher said...

I see from the latest poll that DC is now the least popular of the leaders at 37% - I'm just surprised it is that high...

Mark Wadsworth said...

LT, does this mean among members of their own parties? Can't mean among general electorate, can it? Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

Look here Wadsworth. The entire shadow cabinet are an absolute shower.Dave has tried his best to charm the voters, but he can't do it. The rest of the Tories are a disgrace. Letwin, Redwood and Gove have as much electoral appeal as Badger Lamont or Norman Fowler.

The problem, Wadsworth, my old bean, is that Mrs Thatcher carried an awful lot of deadwood. Once she was knifed by the dead sheep and Tarzan, who else could lead them?