Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Imperial weights and measures

Hurray! The EU buggers have seen sense and are going to allow us to stick with pints and stuff.

Boo! The fact that the BBC use the words "allow the UK to continue using pounds, miles and pints". Rather than "stop trying to force us to go metric".


Anonymous said...

I'm going to rain on your parade.

This is a shill to cut the feet from underneath Sun readers.

Much of the play from the EU apologists on the reform treaty is that "the symbols have gone". Neil tried this on you the other day.

Leaving aside the fact that it isn't even true (there still there, just not amended in this treaty), this is just a sop: the politics - the bit that matters and which worries us - is all there.

I suspect that this is a very simple bait-and-switch game.

Mark Wadsworth said...

True, very true.

But my point was the BBC's choice of language, nothing more than that.