Sunday, 16 September 2007

Fun On-line Poll - update

8 people have voted so far in my fun on-line poll:

5 people have voted for "I love them and always answer as honestly as I can"

3 people have voted for "I think they're stupid and I never bother voting"

Just to keep up the suspense a bit more, I shall not close the voting until noon on Wednesday 19th.

The problem is, I still don't know how many people saw the poll and didn't bother to vote because they think on-line polls are stupid. Maybe I should have had a third option to cover this possibility? Any thoughts how I could have worded this?


Penny Pincher said...

Maybe a simple 'F*** O**' ?


'I'm a Don't Know'

Penny Pincher said...

Finally manged to get your link on my blogroll.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta muchly for link.