Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Local Homey News

From This is Wiltshire

Lorraine Williams, a spokeswoman for the Lydiard Fields Action Group, said it was really important to have the park in a rural setting to allow users to get a sense they are leaving the city behind.
She said: “For many individuals living in the area this development would make a huge difference. When you go to the park it gives you a sense of being in the country.
“I couldn’t always afford to take my children off to the country for a weekend. It (going to the park) gave me a chance to feel like I was having a little bit of countryside.”
Now, I happen to know Lydiard Park very well, and I used to cycle down Hook St and out to Hook, Purton and Minety, and this is total balls. Here's a map to help you:-

Marked on there is Lydiard Park. It's built next to housing. You can walk through from Grange Park (where the Lydiard Fields Action Group are based) to it on a footpath. Takes about 5 minutes. If you look through the trees at one end of the park, you can see houses.
Beyond Lydiard Park for about 10 miles going West or North there is basically nothing but fields and a few villages and hamlets.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. We haven't had a "NIMBY of the week" award for ages.

Next bit of Homey crap: "Pressure on local services, bleat, wail"

Well fuck off.

We all pay for NHS, schools, police through our taxes and they are for everybody's equal benefit.

Whatever schools are in that area, I am paying for them every bit as much as people in that area are paying for them, and me and my kids have every bit as much right to use those services as anybody else, long standing resident of otherwise.

The fuckers.

Bayard said...

I guess the development site is the bit of land bounded by Hook St to the southwest, Lydiard Park to the Northwest and housing to the east, which means that 10% of the boundary of the park will now be people's back gardens, or a hedge or trees instead of a boring expanse of grass.
Anyway, as TS says, this is total balls. If you want to go to the countryside, you bloody go to the countryside, not a park. There is no way that a park will ever look like the countryside, although I suppose it does look like what townies think the countryside ought to look like. FFS, Lorraine, if you want to go to the countryside, what do you think lies alongside the park on three sides? Bits of it are even closer than the far end of the park. How can you not afford to go there?

The Stigler said...


It's pretty easy to build new schools, police, medical facilities. Roads are a little more complicated for extra demand, but even then, it's rarely that difficult.

It's a nice park on the edge of town, but it is a park. Someone cuts the lawns, tends to paths, looks after the adventure playground etc.