Thursday, 27 April 2017

YPP (London) meet-up, tomorrow Friday 28 April

We'll be at The Brewmaster from 5.20 onwards or so - if you think you'll turn up later than 6.30, please get in touch or 07954 59 07 44.

Leicester Square Tube Exit 1, turn left and left again into the alleyway (St Martin's Court). We put a yellow YPP leaflet on the table so that you can find us. It'll be nippy so dress warm.

Topics: the General Election.


DBC Reed said...

One thing it might be worth ascertaining at a meeting: has Corbyn recently suggested replacing Business Rates with LVT as is rumoured?

DBC Reed said...

Apparently, Corbyn said he was interested in replacing Business Rates with LVT on April 11, a week before Theresa May called the General Election. Obviously she was spooked by an impending alliance between the Labour Party and the YPP.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DBC, yes he did say that and no, its an unlikely explanation.